Dekaron: the Winter update is coming!

Next week, Gametribe will continue its winter wave of updates with the Premier Free-to-Play Action-based MMORPG Dekaron. Following the new Action 4: The Expedition Add-On, this Christmas update brings great features and items to the players !

The new features to come on December 10th are:

  • Mailing system: you can now send mails, including gold and items to your friends through the mail system. Mailboxes are available near the Teleport NPCs.
  • Black List System: now you can exclude characters from your chat and mail system
  • New skills for the Vicious Summoner
    • Increase Poison at lvl 41 (Staff skill)
    • Shadow Revenge at lvl 74 (Twin swords)
  • New skill for the Bagi Warrior
    • Temperance to the limit at lvl 50
  • Lottery: Dekaron now hosts a lottery system with great gifts to retrieve!
    For a very low price and a limited time, players can try their luck with the Ossuaries which offer many useful items. The 4 types of ossuary, giving different bonus are:
    • Ossuary of Power
    • Ossuary of Attack
    • Ossuary of Enchantment
    • Ossuary of Endurance
  • The Practical, Noble and Expert’s Practical packages have been modified. They will no more contain vouchers (to retrieve items from NPCs) but items themselves. And good news, the Expert’s Practical package is now giving a permanent costume instead of 30 days costume previously.
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