Destiny Online: Destiny Pet Farm Preview

The pet raising system is one of Destiny Online’s most important game systems. You can catch some wild monsters and turn them into your own pets to fight for you. And now Destiny Online is  extending a new addition to this feature with a plan to bring you even more cute pets to keep you company in your in-game adventure.

Legend has it that in a wonderland of Destiny Online live a herd of precious babe pets, each performing its own duty in the group. Some produce food and equipment supplies, some practice martial arts and some even get trained into powerful mounts. It is like a fantasy factory where every member works together to live an easy, free and self-sufficient life.

This is the upcoming refreshing Pet Farm system, where your pets will be able to do much more for you other than purely training.

Now after you catch a monster, you can not only just train it but also bring it to your very own Pet Farm to have more fun. Use Snare Kits to capture different kinds of pets and assign them as Worker Pets or Trainee Pets with five elements, Water, Fire, Earth, Metal and Air. Worker Pets can produce supplies to support Trainee Pets and cultivate them into cool items. To safeguard your farm and maintain the peaceful life in there, you will need to recruit mercenary pets to establish a pet army. You can feed your pets, train your pets and even play games with your pets. With more and more pets settling in your ranch, you will find that it is growing from a small farm into a magnificent Kingdom of Pet!

You can also interact with your friends in many ways in your Pet Farm. You can visit a friend’s pet farm to help him feed his pets, or you can play a plank on your friend by stealing some products from his farm. The interaction is full of fun and excitement.

Now, let’s get to some details to help you to get a clear picture of this Pet Farm:
1.You may build your own Pet Farm as soon as you reach Level 10.

2.After you get your own farm, you can catch your Trainee Pet and see how many element points they need to eat every time.

3.Then, you can go catch pets of different elements to be your Worker Pets.

4.Worker Pets will work for you to get different elements so you can feed your Trainee Pets. Also, you have to interact with them to increase their Health and Pleasure. During the process, you have to prevent your Worker Pets’ escape.

5. The best part of Pet Farm is that this is another great way to interact with your friends in game. It is quite similar with the very popular Facebook application Happy Farm. You can either help them or play a plank on them. And also, you can win the title of “Most Popular Guy/Gal” if your farm is the most visited Pet Farm.

If you do everything correctly, your Trainee Pets will be cultivated into glittering fluorescent mounts and even transformed into beautiful outfits.
Pet Farm as one of the features of Destiny Online’s second expansion pack will be out in mid September.

“No pain no gain?” In Destiny Pet Farm, this should be rephrased as “No pain? no! Gain? Yes!”

Destiny Pet Farm

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