Destiny Online’s First Expansion Pack “The Power of Crimson”

Ingle Games Ltd. is proud to announce that the first Expansion Pack, “the Power of Crimson” of its fantasy MMORPG, Destiny Online, will be released on June 17th, 2009.
One of the main to-be-released features of the Expansion Pack, the Crimson-Grade Equipment, will add to the game, a new level of challenges and satisfactions to tens and thousands of Destiny Online Gamers worldwide. The Expansion Pack also brings to players other new exciting new features such as new World Boss, cool Outfits, powerful Super Pets, refined Tribal Quests, and an increased Max Level. Now, let’s take a detailed look at the Expansion Pack.
Crimson (Grade 5) Equipment
The Blacksmith in Golden Plume City had been working hard for years to create something new and he finally succeeded. The birth of the Crimson Equipment is finally a dream becoming reality. A level up from the currently highest grade of Purple, Crimson Equipment will present you with more power that was never imagined before. When more and more people obtain weapons of this kind, will the once peaceful world of Destiny turn into a place more chaotic and bloody, as the color of Crimson might imply?
Gorgeous Outfits and Accessories
Destiny Online already boasts an advanced Avatar System consisting of a rich selection of costumes, wings, mounts, tails, masks, headgears etc. The Expansion Pack will add to the Avatar system with even more monster masks and backpacks. Check out the below pictures!
Powerful Super Pets
Four new Super Pets will be introduced to you in this Expansion Pack: the hilarious Jack O’Lantern, the cutting-edge Excalibur, the elegant Naiad and fanally, the scary Hydra’s Head. Pretty soon, you can start your own zoo with all the pets you and your friends own.
Ferocious World Boss
A new appallingly fierce monster will appear in the Level-75 map “Sky Pit”, attacking any passers-by. The new monster turns out to be a Soul Devourer, feeding on the souls of the deluded travelers. Who will be the brave hero to fight and eliminate the monster and protect the innocent people in the Destiny world?
Fascinating Tribe Quest
The Expansion Pack also brings a new Tribal Mining Quest. Tribal members can now contribute more to their respective Tribal Communities by mining in a vast open pit containing abundant minerals such as Ruby and Sapphire, which are essential materials for the Tribe’s further development.
Max Level to 130
With better equipment in possession, audacious adventurers will now be ready to continue their journey in unknown territories, setting foot in the Level 130 maps and capturing some fierce new monsters in these maps as their new pets.
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