Different of AoA

You have seen Transformers before, and you have seen Gundam as well. But have you ever become one of them? Or have you ever fought side by side with those legendary heroes? Well, there is little chance for you to go to Hollywood to join in the movie. But now, you have a very very good choice here. Join us in the Age of Armors; here you can fully enjoy the fun of transforming.
In Age of Armors, there is no magic, but there some this more powerful than magic. In AoA, there is no dragon, but there are monsters that far stronger than the dragon. Kill a dragon can bring you fames, honors, but they would disappear after your leaving. In AoA, there is no need to kill a dragon, for you have some more important things to do. The nation need your aid, the nation need you to fight for glory, fight for freedom, fight for win. In AoA, you are not fighting alone, you need to join in the region and fight with fellows. In AoA, you can really experience the war of Hi-tech. In AoA, There is no need to worry about your equipment, as the region will provide you a series of armors, what you need is to improve your fight skill and stand to the last, use your laser guns, missile laugher, or photon blazes to destroy your enemies. Or your can transform your armors into another battle shape, a wagon or an airplane or even a Dinosaur to slash your enemies into pieces. Come on and join us in AoA, you are not going to repeat an epic, but to establish your own epic!

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