Divinity: Original Sin 2’s Final Origin Character and Playable Race Unmasked

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The final origin character for Divinity: Original Sin 2 has been revealed: Fane the Undead! Undead are the final faction of the game, and though they appear as ghoulish skeletons to the denizens of Rivellon, they do have their own unique mechanics. Fane was a former scholar, a man of ambition who was entombed by his elders for pursuing forbidden knowledge. After centuries of isolation and hiding, he’s come to a very different world than the one he left behind when he was hidden away.. Like other Eternals, he has to hide his appearance in order to not terrify others or provoke them to attack out of fear. Larian has also unveiled the Collector’s Edition of the game (1,000 units total) which can be ordered on their website. It includes:

  • A Steam key for Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • Box featuring art of each of the four major races of Rivellon
  • A combination velvet-lined dice tray and Dungeon Master’s Screen, featuring art of the Mask of the Shapeshifter on the outside, and the Hall of Echoes on the interior
  • A 10.2-inch figurine of Fane, featuring interchangeable skull head and rotating Mask of the Shapeshifter
  • A Chronicles of Reaper’s Coast lorebook
  • A Compendium of Riveollonian Artwork art book
  • Color printed map of Reaper’s Coast
  • Full Divinity: Original Sin 2 instruction manual
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