DOA Xtreme 3 to get “PSVR Support”

DOA Editorial

Okay, that’s it. Everyone go home. We’ve finally done it; we’ve gone too fucking far. I saw this on my Twitter feed and felt a soul-crushing, immediate weight on my soul that I fear no medication or mental help can cure me of. From what I’m aware of, at least, it’s not slated for an American release [yet]. But let’s get into the news! Dead or Alive: Xtreme 3 is getting a PSVR release. It’s a “VR Passport”, and owners of the game can get it for free until Feb. 28th. VR Paradise, is what it’s called, and it’s divided into three sections: Gravure Paradise, Event Paradise, and Photo Paradise. I’ve never felt more uncomfortable or perplexed. I know what all of this means! It’s even got a video! Those who are using the free-to-play version will have to pay for the passport straight away, but that means they won’t have to buy the game to . . . enjoy. . . this thing. Now, look, I’m not a prude. But I feel like we as a society have to draw the line somewhere. The DOA franchise turned very quickly into softcore porn with the Beach Volleyball franchise, and that’s what this represents: A bunch of buxom [and some loli-esque] girls on the beach, bouncing about, flopping into beds, posing and giggling innocently. I have a feeling this will stay in Japan, but fortunately, Sony stuff is not region-locked. It’s unwholesome, unsettling, but it’s very visually appealing at least! It looks pretty, about as pretty as one can expect. And it’ll have PS4 Pro support, because well. . . why not? Jokes aside, it’s certainly going to make money.  I won’t argue that. I just feel very tired now. But it does show us just how far we can take Virtual Reality.

Below is the trailer, because I know you want to see it.

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  • Herschel Pilcher III

    Didn’t this used to be a fighting game years ago? I want to say this was a fighting game.

    But hey.. give them credit for finding a niche and sticking it in there. *AHEM*

    • Ragachak

      Yeah, that they did. . .

  • Endathel

    Threaten me with a good time why don’t ya

    • Ragachak

      I made absolutely sure you saw this one, friend.