Dofus 2 to release this December

Nothing to do this winter? Worry not as Ankama has released that Dofus 2 is scheduled to go live on December 2nd 2009!

Since its release in September 2004, DOFUS has undergone numerous updates that have contributed to its international success. Today, DOFUS is available in 7 languages and is one of the top 5 online games in the world. The code of DOFUS has been completely rewritten in Action Script 3 so the Flash MMO will prove even faster and more responsive, while over 2,000 animations and 10,000 maps are being entirely redrawn.

With this complete revision, the game will be much more fluid, attractive and fun while keeping the same minimum system requirements, gameplay and features that have made it a worldwide success through the years.

Communication with the servers has been revised and optimised by the development team to deliver better performance and to allow future expansions to evolve more freely.

Version 2.0 will be the most significant upgrade the game has ever known. The graphic engine, server and client code have been completely rewritten to offer a wealth of detail and an unparalleled gaming experience.

Following this update, Ankama plans to offer boxed distribution of its flagship title worldwide during 2010


Dofus 2 - Release Date Set for December 2009


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