DOMO: Discover Mount Babel and the Bird pet!, the premier destination for Free-to-Play games continues the Winter streak of major updates for DOMO fans.
A new Pet is arriving in DOMO!

The cute and rare Bird Pet is here. This brand new pet can evolve into a Bird King mount.

There are three possible elemental types of this pet, with different attributes:

  • Wood: lower defense and HP, but very quick and evasive
  • Water: well balanced abilities, can use some water magic to attack
  • Fire: strong magical attacks

Please visit to the official website for more info.

Now that you have a mount, you can look for adventures on the dangerous paths of Mount Babel!
Mount Babel is the brand new high level map, dedicated to the very experienced players. This map is located near Placid Plain and the mobs in Mount Babel are level 56 to 70.

Three new dedicated quests are coming with Mount Babel map:

  • Cake Rabbit is Falling in Love
  • Rice Cake Rabbit’s lover Isabella
  • Chess Master instanced quest

As usual, the weekly update brings more new contents.

New items and goodie bags:

  • Permanent cowboy costume and hat
  • Hair dyes Blue Navy and Rose
  • Rare goodie bags available until December 17th:
    • Try your luck and win a special Gold Armor
    • A new Ornamental Pet (permanent) goodie bag is now available
  • Costume goodie bags available until January 7th:
    • Belly Dancer costume for girls
    • Aladdin costume for boys

The new update will be available to players after the weekly Wednesday maintenance window.

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