DOMO: major new update, the premier destination for Free-to-Play games is happy to release a major update for DOMO fans this week.

First huge info, the pet riding system is now live on Eversun!
This mount system is a major addition for the community, accelerating the travels and allowing players to attack while mounted.

Players can now make their pets grow to the third step of evolution (Evolution 3) by using the brand new Advanced Evolution Stone, get a saddle and ride their own boar, cat, bear and sea serpent (pet must be level 60 minimum).

All the info you need about the mount system is available on the official DOMO website.

Here are the items to take profit of the mount system:
– Advanced Evolution Stone: This can be used to make your Pet evolve to the next level (mount)
– Pet Saddle (basic saddle): This can be used to ride your Pet and increase its walking speed
– Crimson Rabbit Saddle (advanced saddle) to ride your Pet, increase its walking speed and Max HP/Max MP
– Mount Pet Goodie Bag: if you have no lvl 60 pet ready to evolve, you still have a chance with this goodie bag to get a special pet, dedicated to travels (but it won’t get XP, please refer to official website)

As usual, the weekly update brings more new contents:
A new Main Quest: Confusion Moves Chapter 3 is offering epic adventures. Rumors about powerful stones grow quickly in the taverns of Eversun

New items and costumes:
– 3rd Edition Pets will be reintroduced to the game for a limited time. These pets will be available for only one week
– Bunny Costume and Headgear
– Large American Army Uniform
– Rare Goodie Bags available until December 3rd :
– Knight for males can contain permanent Knight helmet, costume or sword or the new permanent Set Box containing the helmet and the armor costume together
– Princess for females can contain permanent Tiara, costume or Little Angel’s Wings or the new permanent Set Box containing the tiara and the costume together
– Backpack (inventory) Security Lock: This is to protect your backpack. You can insert a pin code, which will be used to lock and unlock your backpack.
– Ornamental Pet Name Tag
– Public Address System: to broadcast a message to other players over the entire server

The new update will be available to players after the weekly Wednesday maintenance window.

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