DOMO: New quests!, the premier destination for Free-to-Play games is offering a new update for DOMO on next January 21st. Following the big content updates last weeks, this one will add new quests and costumes.

Three new quests are waiting for fierce Dreamers:

  • Crossbone Swordsman in Canute Canal. Instanced quest
  • Merchant job quest. Talk to Eileen in East Sea Plain. lvl 30
  • New Year Event Quest: Catching the Pupu in Darkdale (NPC Simon)

New items and goodie bags:

  • New costumes Punk and Gothic Lolita (hat and dress)
  • Hair dyes : Emerald and Pale Blue
  • Costume goodie bags available until February 4th:
    • For girls: Little Red Hood costume, Gothic Lolita costume
    • For boys: Big Wolf costume, Punk costume
  • Special riding Pet goodie bag available until February 4th: you may get a permanent Speedy Pu or Blue Pu!

The new update will be available to players after the weekly Wednesday maintenance window on January 21st.

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