Dovogame to Launch Flagship Stores System for BTO

Dovogame to Launch Flagship Stores System for BTO


DOVOGAME said they decide to announce an exciting new addition to the business world of Liberty City and its hit browser game Business Tycoon Online(BTO); the ability to create Flagship Stores! The Flagship Stores are available in the Development Department, an upper-class area of Liberty City. This is strictly where the upper class shops, where the businessmen of Liberty City have already made it to the top. This is where the price doesn’t matter, as long as their faces are seeing shopping in this luxurious shopping district.


All players will be able to create a Flagship Store in the Development Department. These stores will bring a much higher daily revenue than normal stores. You can then upgrade these stores to Perfect level. The more Perfect level Flagship Stores you own, the more you can build! Flagship Stores can be upgraded using Flagship Store Points, or FSPs. These can be gained by exchanging normal Store Upgrade Points (SUPs) into FSPs. The exchange rate is 3 SUPs to 1 FSP. However, the upgrade revenue boost is 5 times as much as a normal store!


The Flagship Stores not only fill the bank account of the tycoons much quicker, but boosts the tycoons’ and businesses’ image, highlighting their status as a supreme business leader. Get building these stores now, fill your pockets and truly stand out in this competitive business world! For more information on Flagship stores and other features, events and activities on Business Tycoon Online, check out the official website.



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