Dragon Nest Official Launch Begins Today!

Dragon Nest Official Launch Begins Today!



Today Nexon America brings the open beta test of Dragon Nest to a close and seamlessly transitions the game into a live, commercial launch. With today’s Dragon Nest launch, Nexon is releasing an expansive content update for the PC-based action MMORPG, which includes a new central town, danger-filled dungeons, and an increased level cap.



“Dragon Nest represents the next big step Nexon is taking to bring exciting, engaging and accessible content to audiences in North America and beyond,” said Daniel Kim, CEO of Nexon America. “After witnessing the overwhelmingly positive response to the game during its open beta test, we’re confident that Dragon Nest will raise the bar for what an action MMORPG can be.”



The launch of Dragon Nest brings the open beta test to a close, where servers were packed to capacity by excited players who quickly delved into every nook and cranny of the colorful world. During the open beta test, players accomplished some amazing feats, such as:


-Players completed 103,387,490 dungeons

439,988 characters reached level 15 and attained the first subclass specialization

206,214 characters reached the game’s prior level cap of 24

-More than 2,957,400 player deaths occurred in dungeons on Abyss mode, the game’s hardest difficulty level

-The boss responsible for the greatest number of player deaths was General Ummamba, the final boss from the Minotaur’s Nest encounter



The most anticipated addition to Dragon Nest that’s part of today’s launch is the addition of Saint’s Haven, a sprawling new city filled with vibrant characters. In addition to the quests that advance the main storyline, new daily quests will be available which players can complete for epic quality rewards.



Also part of today’s update is an increased level cap of 32. Additionally, each character specialization will have six to eight new skills to master. Ten new dungeons are being added as well, allowing players the opportunity to put their newfound skills into action. For the achievement junkies, players can earn more than 250 new achievements stemming from the new dungeons and quests.



For fans of Dragon Nest’s award-winning PvP game modes, a new season of PvP ladder shop gear will be available for max level players to earn. Faction vendors will also make an appearance for the first time, offering players who have earned high standing among the world’s various factions the chance to earn unique items and discounts.



The part I’m most excited about though is that I finally have the green light from Nexon to write up a full review of the game! And as soon as I’ve explored the nooks and crannies of Saint’s Haven I will be bringing my review to OnRPG!

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