Dragon Nest Previews Scarlet Snow Update

Dragon Nest Previews Scarlet Snow Update



Turns out Nexon America had a special reason to get players to log-in to their game today for special prizes in their popular Online Action RPG, Dragon Nest. Their homepage has revealed details on their next update, Scarlet Snow, and believe me when I say it’s something to get excited for.



As Scarlet Snow enters Dragon Nest, the level cap will be increased to 40, which means a deluge of new challenges awaits you! Head to Saint’s Haven and explore two new nests and dungeons, hop aboard all-new mounts, and of course take the time to soak up the seasonal decorations, events, and costumes.



Of course with the level cap increase you can expect all the bells and whistles, with new weapons and armor as well as new ultimate skills to unlock. Trainer Lindsay will also be making her appearance and offering the Ebony Thunder and Snow Breeze mounts for the very first time.



Of course it wouldn’t be a snowy update without holiday themes decorating every town. Hang out with your friends, show off one of the new holiday themed level 30 fashion sets, and join in for three new Scarlet Snow events!



Be sure to check out the newly released Producer Preview for all the details!

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