Dragon Oath: 2nd Pre-CB Key Giveaway

After launching Pre-Closed Beta of Dragon Oath on July 9th, we have received unbelievable expectations and interests from many MMORPG players!  Therefore, Dragon Oath Team officially announces that there will be a grand the 2nd official Dragon Oath Pre-CB Key Giveaway starting from July 28th through our official partners! 
The total quantity of keys cannot be announced at this moment, therefore please keep a close attention on the official website of Dragon Oath for the further announcement!
In addition, along with the 2nd Pre-CB Key Giveaway, there will be a large change in Dragon Oath; therefore Dragon Oath Team hereby announces new additions that will be available for all Pre-CB participants starting from July 28th!
* There will be 12 “Great Events for All” starting from July 27th!  All prizes will be carried onto Closed Beta phase!
* All players above level 10 will be able to whisper without any limitation.
* Players will have to simply answer one question when they encounter with the 1st Q&A at Dragon Chien in Da Li.
* There are many changed the description of several titles, quests and scenes.
* “Get the reward” option has been added to the list of Tender Gong in Da Li for players’ convenience to receive their rewards.
* The server selection and launcher interface have been upgraded.
* There are modifications on some questions of the Funny Quizzes and the 1st Q&A.
* Spacing will not be available in naming pest, stalls, characters, guilds, alliances, guild cities, player shops and customized guild titles.

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