Dragon Oath: Catch a Turkey Pet for Thanksgiving!

Dragon Oath will celebrate Thanksgiving by giving players a chance to catch their own turkey pet. Starting today, and running through December 3rd, players can travel to Pet Island to collect “turkey tickets” by killing rabbits, turtles, and swallows. They can also collect turkey tickets by killing bosses in the “Thief Raid” and “Intruders” events. These turkey tickets are extremely rare and will take a lot of dedication and killing to collect.

Dragon Oath - Happy Thanksgiving



Once players have acquired a minimum of 10 tickets, they can trade the tickets in for a turkey meal. Right-click on your turkey meal, it will magically transform into your personal turkey pet!
Players will have until December 10th to exchange the turkey tickets for this seasonal pet. 
As an extra Thanksgiving bonus, Dragon Oath also added a special “Roasted Corn” buff! World monsters and event bosses may drop delicious roasted corn when killed, which will give players assorted buffs that may increase attributes, physical attack, or spirit attack.

Dragon Oath - Thanksgiving Turkey pets



Plan wisely and divide your time between the two events – they are both fun and rewarding!
Happy hunting and Happy Thanksgiving!

Dragon Oath - Thanksgiving turkeys everywhere

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