Dragon Oath: Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Game!

Dragon Oath: Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Game!


Valentine’s Day is upon us! As the time to express love is approaching, players will get an opportunity to share their feelings for other players in the world of Dragon Oath!
From February 10th to February 16th, Dragon Oath players will be able to visit the one and only Cupid in Luo Yang to receive some of his famed “Cupid’s Arrows.” Players can use these arrows on members of the opposite sex to indicate their potential love interest. Players who are hit with the arrow will possess the “Cupid’s Kiss,” which will be apparent to other players due to the radiating glow and hearts emanating from the player’s character!
The fun doesn’t stop there! Once a player “kisses” another with “Cupid’s Arrows,” they will both have the opportunity to return together to Luo Yang to claim a prize from Cupid. Prizes vary and include the incredible new “I Love You” fireworks display, a dazzling spectacle that is sure to catch every player’s eye.

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Enjoy the Lovely Valentine Events in Dragon Oath


And the game hasn’t forgotten about the folks who have already found their in-game love! For those who are eager to renew their wedding vows, Dragon Oath is offering a chance to participate in the new “Parade of Roses” event. For a small fee, players can join their loved ones and be showered by a huge wedding parade of roses. Love will certainly fill the air as you relive your wedding memories!
So this Valentine’s Day, if your aim is true, you may be able to find that special someone! Or at the very least, get some very cool prizes. Come visit the world of Dragon Oath to rekindle the flame and to take a shot at love!

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