Dragon Oath Closed Beta Key Giveaway is Now Live!

The Dragon Oath Team has announced that, as of September 18th, the Closed Beta Key Giveaway and Activation has started!
Through over 15 media partners, over 20,000 Closed Beta Keys will be distributed over the next three weeks. 
OnRPG readers can of course get their keys right here, we all know that OnRPG Beta Keys are simply “betterder” than all the other keys! Right?
Dragon Oath Closed Beta server “Zion” will launch on September 24th to all players who have received and activated Closed Beta Keys.  Please note that there will be no wipe after Closed Beta!
All players who participated in Dragon Oath Pre-Closed Beta will not require keys to join the Closed Beta phase.  By keeping yourself informed about the upcoming schedule for Dragon Oath Closed Beta, we all hope that you will have no problem preparing yourself for it!
Dragon Oath Closed Beta Schedule
Closed Beta Website Opens: 9/21
Closed Beta Server “Zion” Opens: 9/24, 9:00am US PST
Closed Beta Client Opens: 9/18

Dragon Oath - Closed Beta Key Give-Away

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