Dragon Oath: Closed Beta Schedule Announcement

The Dragon Oath team announced their plans for the next couple of weeks with respects to the much anticipated Beta of Dragon Oath:

– Pre-Closed Beta sever will close on: 9/22
– Closed Beta will begin on: 9/24
– The official Closed Beta Landing Page will open on: 9/17
– The official Closed Beta Website will open on: 9/21
– The Closed Beta Key Giveaway and Activation will begin on: 9/17

Please note:
1. Pre-Closed Beta participants are not required to have another Closed Beta Keys to join the Closed Beta, they should already have access.
2. Unused Pre-Closed Beta Keys will function as Closed Beta Keys.

So there is much interesting stuff happening for Dragon Oath fans in the next couple of weeks!


Dragon Oath - Fire Armor In Beta

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