Dragon Oath: New Instance Added to Expansion

Dragon Oath: New Instance Added to Expansion
“The Crusade in Swallow’s Dock”

Dragon Oath players have had a lot of content to look forward to with the expansion Age of Destiny, and perhaps the most highly anticipated event for players were the new quests located in the Swallow’s Dock. Swallow’s Dock is a new area of the Dragon Oath world where players will get to experience large scale combat on a battleship setting. Sound appealing?


Players are invited to join in the epic fight taking place from boat to boat. If you’re level 60 and above in Dragon Oath and have at least 2 fellow players who want to accompany you in this adventure, welcome aboard!


Players’ first goal will be to protect the General Leopard Hu. After saving him and defeating the Four Villains, players will escape with the General off of the ship. However, the war is just beginning. Shortly after your escape, you will be notified of an approaching army that includes exploding “Wooden Puppet” soldiers. These soldiers detonate upon being killed, and the explosion will damage surrounding targets. Brave players can attempt to pick up the pieces of wood that the “Wooden Puppets” drop right before they explode, because these pieces of wood can activate support towers that will aid in your battle. If players are successful in defeating the army while also protecting General Leopard Hu, they will proceed to the last and most difficult part of the crusade – a battle with one of the most formidable bosses in all of Dragon Oath, Fu Rong!


If players are able to survive the quest, they will be rewarded with a healthy amount of experience points and some of the rarest items in the game, including new “Transformation” items that will allow transforming into some of the characters in Swallow’s Dock for a whole 7 days!


Think you’ve got what it takes to triumph? Join the crusade in Dragon Oath now!

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