Dragon Oath: New Weapons Screenshots

Dragon Oath: New Weapons Screenshots


What would Star Wars have been without lightsabers? How about Lord of the Rings without swords or arrows? Every great warrior needs great weapons, weapons worthy of their masters and capable of defeating the forces of evil. Dragon Oath: Age of Destiny brings you all new powerful weapons, available to anyone who is willing to dedicate themselves to becoming legendary. That is what you will need to wield these amazing artifacts.


There are four new artifact weapons in the expansion Age of Destiny. They are: the Melting Falchion, Traceless Sword, Windstone Fan, and Blue Silver Circle. If a player wields any of these items, they will surely have an advantage over just about everyone else on the battlefield. In addition to enhancing attack damage, these items each have unique effects that can be discovered only by obtaining them and using them in battle.

Flashy Weapons Sword Fan Falchion Dragon Oath

In order to get these weapons, players need not spend a penny of their hard-earned money! Each of the four legendary artifacts may be created by combining a number of other items, known as “Flawed Pendants” and “Divine Fragments.”


These items won’t be easy to obtain, and gamers will have to search for them while on many of the new quests included in the expansion. This will make it so that only the truly worthy will have access to the most powerful arsenal in Dragon Oath.


Check out the new Dragon Oath weapon screenshots, and stay tuned for the upcoming video!



New Weapons Age of Destiny Dragon Oath

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