Dragon Oath Pre-Closed Beta Starts On July 9

During 6 weeks of a small public test, Pre-Closed Beta participants will be assisting us in finalizing the localization process of Dragon Oath!  Please note that there will be more keys available in the near future! 
[About Dragon Oath]
“Dragon Oath” is a massively multiplayer game focused on martial arts and community building.  Based on the very popular Chinese novel “Tian Long Ba Bu,” which may be translated as “Tale of Eight Demigods,” it incorporates many missions and activities that follow the original storyline, which has also been adapted to add new features and characters.  These elements allow players to develop their own personalized experiences, and also foster virtual social relationships, which Dragon Oath was designed to appeal across a diverse range of interests. 
[Key Distribution]
Our official partner media will distribute 1,500 keys starting from July 7, 2009.  Please visit our website for more information dragonoath.com
[Eligible Players]
We are regretful to advise that players from the following locations will not be able to access the Pre-Closed Beta.
(China, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia and Europe)
* Pre-Closed Beta participants will be a first small group of players who will have an opportunity to experience Dragon Oath before anyone else!
* Pre-Closed Beta participants will have high chances of winning many special gifts that we have prepared! 
* Pre-Closed Beta participants will receive a lot of privileges when they participate for Closed Beta!
[Event Prize]
After the completion of 1st Giveaway run, we will randomly select 100 participants and award a special item!

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