Dragon Raja opens its doors again in 2010!

Dragon Raja Online is a classic MMORPG that has left its mark in the online gaming world as being one of the most innovative MMORPG’s for its time. Based upon a bestselling fantasy novel in Korea, China and Japan, the game is full of exciting aspects and was ahead of its time when it was originally released.

Dragon Raja offers exiting gameplay in a strong player versus player environment, but also a wide range of quests for those who want to play in peace.  The development team of Dragon Raja is currently still working hard on improving the gameplay in such way that the game will be a lot more fun and community involved then the game has been in the past, so that once the game launches it will be a lot more user friendly and attractive to players that are unknown to Dragon Raja.
For more information on the closed beta test and the game itself, check out the official forums!

Dragon Raja Coming Soon

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