Dragon Saga Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Dragon Saga Celebrates Valentine’s Day



WarpPortal began their Valentine’s Day celebration this week, as hints begin to drop of the “Jump into the Action” Event coming soon, for its popular action MMORPG, Dragon Saga.



Dragon Saga Trouble in the Cookie Factory


In this year’s Valentine’s Day Event, Trouble in the Cookie Factory, two gangs have taken over the Cookie Factory and are preventing their world famous chocolate from being made. Players will have to make their way through this cookie factory themed instances and monsters to save the day. This event offers two all new instanced mission maps (F6 & F7), 12 New Quests, 4 New Recipes, New Costumes, and Valentine’s themed pets.



In preparation for the Jump into the Action Event, WarpPortal has also extended their A Call to Arms Event. This event grants a bonus for all users between level 1-40, that play on Channel 1. These Bonuses include:



Physical/Magical Defense +100%,
HP 100%, MP +100%, EXP +100%
Upon Character Creation: 1x +10[Normal] Darksoul weapon & +10 Underground Graveyard armors Top/Bottom



These bonuses will aid players in reaching the level 40 required for the Jump into the Action Event.



The Jump into the Action Event, coming February 22nd 2012, will allow players to create a new character on their account which begins play at level 40, with a full set of Anukus Armor(Lv32) and Dark Soul Weapon (Lv20~40). This character comes fully equipped and ready for battle. Jump into the Action will give players a chance to experience an all new class at mid-level or recreate their favorite class without having to start from 1. Account must have at least 1 character level 40 or higher during the event period to qualify. More details to be released 2/15.

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