Dragona Global Testing Begins December 8th

Dragona Global Testing Begins December 8th




The long wait is soon to be over as GameClub prepares to publish an English based global version of the epic Dragon Transformation MMORPG, Dragona Online.



In Dragona players fight to protect Magic Earth on behalf of the Goddess of Light Huanis and her five dragon lords. A dark dragon known as Jurtan once attempted to destroy the world and prophecy foresees coming darkness and the resurrection of Jurtan himself!




However the real legacy of Dragona comes with an amazing Open PvP sytem and the ability of players to transform, either partially or fully, into dragons! Partial transformation gives players a boost to power while still maintaining the use of their class skills,while full transformations sacrifice these skills to unleash the full power of the dragon.



Players will also be able to take part in epic alliance versus alliance battles in the open world, spanning for three days and keeping players on their toes.




GameClub is celebrating their initial beta test by offering rewards to players for both leveling and for finding game bugs. Game bugs that are found and confirmed will award players various amounts of bug points with the winners receiving mounts, pet bags, and pet skills! Players who choose to race to the top will also be rewarded for being among the first to hit level 30 and level 35. Players to win this race can expect reinforcement stones for upgrading gear as well as mounts, pet slots, and more!



To sign up for beta today and learn more about the game, check out their newly launched website HERE.

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