Dragonica Europe Closed Beta Opens to Everyone

The free arcade style 3D side-scrolling MMORPG Dragonica has been online for Europe during its Closed Beta for less than a week at the gpotato.eu gaming portal, with the official release planned for June 2009. In order to perform server tests and allow all users to take part in the CBT Community Events, the gPotato Team have decided to open the servers to all gPotato.eu users for a 4 days Stress Test beginning on the 19th of May.
For the first time in western countries, the highly anticipated action MMORPG Dragonica has been made available to a selected amount of players for the European Beta Test on the 13th of May. Since then, many events, such as Combo Challenge or Screenshot Contest, have been lead by the gPotato Community Team, and many more are planned for the coming days.
All gPotato.eu users will be able to participate in the upcoming events, as the gPotato Team opens Dragonica to the public for a 4 days Stress Test leading to the end of the beta test on Friday the 22nd. During these four days, users will be able to discover the colorful world of Dragotaka and the action-paced gameplay of Dragonica. All beta users who reach level 20 before the end of the tests will be able to reserve their character name and receive rewards at the official launch of the game next month.
In order to have access to the Dragonica Stress Test, just create a free account on the gpotato.eu gaming portal, download the game from the official Dragonica website, and play!
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