Dragonica Europe: Kundara Dungeon and VanCliff Fortress

Gala Networks Europe are proud to announce information on brand new content that is now available to all players of the European version of Dragonica, as well as information on the forthcoming new content and in-game update that are coming this Autumn.

Right now, players of the European Dragonica can access a brand new Aztec inspired Dungeon known as Kundara with a simple automatic patch of their game client, giving higher level players a brand new dungeon and bosses to fight.
They also announced further information on the next major content update which is coming soon. This will add a huge new area for players to explore known as the Van Cliff Manor, which features brand new platforming action, dozens of new enemies and four brand new bosses including Dracula, the Werewolf, the Gargoyle and a massive Bone Dragon for experienced players to enjoy.
As with all gPotato.eu games, these content updates will be available completely free of charge!

Dragonica Europe

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