Dragonica Europe Open Beta Dates

Dragonica’s Closed Beta Test draws to its conclusion today as players wrap up the ten day preview in the world of Dragotaka. The free arcade-style 3D side scrolling MMORPG won’t be offline for long though, and the gPotato Europe team is proud to announce that Dragonica enters Open Beta Testing across Europe on Wednesday 10th June.
Dragonica has received positive previews in the games media, and the thousands of players who have participated in the European CBT have given us fantastic feedback about the game. Players who have reached level 20 when Closed Beta servers close will have their character’s appearance and names kept for June’s OBT, as well as having a surprise gift when they log in.
A number of features have been held in reserve during the Closed Beta, and we are happy to announce the brand new features that will be available to players when servers reopen. Players who have explored the continent of Elyades in May will have a brand new continent called Melanathos to explore, filled with a ton of new locations, enemies, weapons and bosses.
Dragonica will also feature brand new class intro movies, complete with localised voiceovers, giving players a background to their characters and why they embarked on their journey to join the Dragon Fellowship. Players will also be able to go all the way to Level 60, with the second job change unlocked, allowing players to pick between a total of twenty unique playable classes. There will also be a number of bug fixes that have been highlighted by players.
Last but not least, members of Guilds will be delighted to hear that a brand new multiplayer feature is to be introduced in June as Emporia Wars, Dragonica’s fifty player 25v25 battlegrounds open.
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