Dragonica Online: Emporia War

Dragonica Online will soon launch Emporia War, an arena for powerful guilds to settle old scores and establish new rivalries.

This guild-versus-guild battleground pits a maximum of twenty-five guild members on either side against each other. After the dust of fifty heroes locked in combat settles and a winner is decided, the champions lay claim to Emporia, a private city and the guild’s prize for their triumph. However, the champion guild can be challenged by clans looking to claim the city for themselves. Every week, the gauntlet will be thrown down and the Emporia War will commence!

How to Wage Emporia War
When the game’s clock strikes 7:00 PM Pacific on Thursday, the Emporia War commences. The challenger and defending champion guilds are able to invite new members before the battle but not during it. There is a maximum of 25 participating characters per guild making for a total of 50 combatants. Participants are able to join 30 minutes prior to the start of the fight but cannot commence combat. A countdown appears to signal the time remaining until the start of Emporia War at which point the map resets to allow for player-versus-player combat.

Emporia War lasts for 30 minutes. To win the Emporia War, you must destroy the opposing guild’s Main Core first or obtain a greater score than the opposing guild within the time limit.

Points are granted for killing the opposing guild’s members and destroying Sub Cores. Enemy characters level 54 or below earns your guild 3 points per kill while enemy characters level 55 or above are worth 5 points per kill. Destroying an enemy Sub Core earns your guild 100 points. Every ten seconds, all dead characters respawn and can continue to fight. A respawn clock can be seen in the center of the screen.

The opposing guild’s Main Core is the primary target. As the Main Core is damaged, the crystals they hold will appear damaged as well. Sub Cores periodically restore the Main Core’s health. The more Sub Cores there are, the more health the Main Core gains. To destroy the Main Core faster, you should destroy the Sub Cores first. The first guild to destroy their opponent’s Main Core wins the match regardless of the score.

Platforms and Pagodas
Emporia War introduces two new environments to the world of Dragonica. The fight takes place in a fog-covered courtyard shrouded in night and dimly lit by a full, pale moon. Mind your step as the cobblestones are slick with moss and rocky cliffs edge the many platforms of this ancient battlefield which mysteriously floats above darkened clouds. Guilds would be wise to study the map’s layout to maximize tactical advantages and devise plans of attack. Traverse bridges and hyperjumps to reach the Sub Cores, winged dragons made of rock clutching glowing spheres. Reach the center platform to find the Main Cores, huge stone drake sculptures mounted upon large globes.

Should you succeed against all opponents, your guild will gain access to the city of Emporia. In stark contrast with the battlefield’s moonlit platforms, Emporia itself is bathed in light. At its center stands a giant colorful pagoda ringed by mist and floating lotus blossoms. Here, you and your guild can meet privately and plan how to defend your hold on this unique prize.

A New Challenger Approaches!
Emporia War is held every Thursday at 7:00 PM Pacific, allowing guilds to challenge the guild currently occupying Emporia city. The challenger guild is determined by a bidding system. Guilds who seek to fight the guild currently occupying Emporia city can bid Guild Experience. Only guild leaders can bid guild experience and thereby submit the guild to the Emporia War. Guild experience is gained from daily (repeatable) guild quests granted by NPC Donny who is found in all towns.

The challenge (bidding) period begins Tuesday, 48 hours before the battle commences, and ends 24 hours later. This grants the challenger guild and defending champion guild a full day to marshal their forces and prepare for battle. The guild that bids the most guild experience is named the challenger guild. All other guilds lose the guild experience that was bid. The defending champions guild does not lose any guild experience regardless of the outcome.

Round One… FIGHT!
Want to know more about Emporia War? Although resurrection and teleportation items don’t work during battle, healing items do work during battle. There is only one Emporia War for all server channels, you do not need to be in any specific channel to travel to the battle as it is a single instance. When an Emporia War ends, a most valuable player from the winning guild is noted in the resulting scoreboard. All members of that guild can travel to Emporia city immediately.

And, perhaps the most interesting extra tidbit to offer, the very first Emporia War will commence this Thursday October 15th at 7:00 PM Pacific and the guild that wins the bidding phase will be facing off against a guild of THQ*ICE employees named ICETEAM! We look forward to facing off against the bold clan of heroes that dares challenge our hold on Emporia!


Dragonica Online - Emporia War Map

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