Dragonica Online releases brand new archer job class content

Dragonica Online has released all-new content for The Archer, one of the four job classes players can choose from. Archers strike enemies down from long distances with supreme accuracy.  By mastering the skills of the Archer class, players can evolve into Hunters or Rangers.

– Specializes in bow, one of the hardest weapons to wield;
– Proficient in run-and-hit tactics allowing them to use guerilla ambushes and lightening quick take downs.
– Have keen senses which allow them to apply their skills, hunting and trapping game to combat situations;
– Hunters can outwit their enemies by clever use of their environment and summon animal spirits for additional firepower.
– Swift practitioners with a crossbow, adept at traveling through any terrain at high speed; 
– Capable of firing successive projectiles at a rapid clip while dashing past pursuers.
THQ*ICE recently announced the official grand opening for Dragonica Online and is hosting a series of fun-filled events and contests for all registered players including their special Halloween event, Nights of Fright.
Dragonica Online is filled with a rich storyline, beautiful lands, challenging boss battles, and comical skill moves.  It redefines traditional arcade-style fun for all types of MMO players!  It is rated ‘E10+’ for Everyone over the age of 10.
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