Dragonica unveils the last of its four character classes: the Thief

The new free-to-play MMORPG Dragonica will be available at the http://www.gpotato.eu gaming portal in English, French and German languages during Spring 2009. Until the launch of the game, the gPotato team unveils information about the different playable characters one by one. In the spotlight this week: the mischievous Thief.

The final of four starting classes available in Dragonica, Thieves have spent many years operating inconspicuously in Dragotaka’s underworld, with stealth, agility and in-your-face combat being their favoured techniques. Unlike other classes, thieves wear a pair of deadly claws, allowing them to use their lightning fast reactions to juggle their enemies in the air and deal massive damage to their rivals up close. The trade-off to their speed is a lack of armour, however their expertise with stealth can help them escape tricky situations hidden in a box while classes would be overwhelmed. Upon reaching level 20, Thieves will have to complete a series of quests that allows them to choose which class evolution their path will follow: the Jester or the Assassin.
The Jester, an in-your-face brawler who likes to show off, has developed a taste for theatrical weaponry and distraction. Their extravagant skills allow them to hit multiple targets before moving in with lethal efficiency to finish them off, while their dance moves are so mesmerising that their enemies have to pause to watch. This distraction allows the Jester to move in and deal huge amounts of damage to multiple targets.

The Assassin favours stealth over show, preferring to stay up close and personal to their enemies. Having honed their skills with a pair of small blades, they have the ability to dart into hostile situations and use stealth to escape, or dip their weapons into poison to deliver extra damage. They are also the only class with an exclusive burrowing attack, diving underground and deliver a powerful attack from below.

Both Jesters and Assassins will advance into considerably stronger classes as they progress in the game.

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