Dragon’s Call has announced it’s first closed beta phase

The always friendly guys at Dragon’s call have informed OnRPG today that they have scheduled the first closed beta test of Dragon’s Call for later this month!
This is what they had to say:
Firstly, for all the thousands of players who replied in our Beta Test Recruit thread, I’m sorry that it took so long for you to enter the game and taste it.
A new birth always comes along with pain and cry, same as our new game Dragon’s Call. During the alpha test, we’ve let in just a very few players, we literally sent mails to them one by one. Most of them had contributed great help by reporting current game bugs on the forum, which most are now fixed, including all kinds of detailed glitches, which keep us busy all the time. The reason why we’re not leaking those amazing things happening during alpha is only one. As Torrez said “We want Dragon’s Call to have the highest quality at launch”.
Secondly, I can not tell you the exact date for the first closed beta test. But it is coming on late November, 2009. To make sure that our open beta launches before the earth explosion on 2012(The Movie), I think we’ll keep the schedule straight.
The first round of Dragon’s Call in-game currency giveaway event is nearly ended. But we’re planning to have a second round during the closed beta test. So please stay turned.
We have got to respect their honesty and a great sense of humor to boot!

Dragon's Call - Closed Beta announced

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