Dragon’s Call: Launch Date Announced

EverDream Studio today announced that the first closed beta of Dragon’s Call will be launched in November, 2009. Dragon’s Call is a brand new browser MMORPG which has stunning graphics and a large variety of ways to play. In conjunction with this announcement, EverDream also launched a newly revamped website for Dragon’s Call.

“We are a globalized team with more than 30 people concentrating on browser-based game development. But more than that, a cutting-edge gaming platform is on our schedule and we intend to become a significant player in the worldwide gaming market.” said Torrez Lan, the chief marketing officer, “We look forward to delivering Dragon’s Call to fans around the globe shortly.”
The mix-up of lightning, fire, magic, a castle and black dragon sculpture on the website background are not only a simple reflection of a dark cruel battle between humans, orcs and dragons, but even more. All this can be explored in the upcoming closed beta.


Dragon's Call - Website has been updated

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