Dragon’s Prophet (EU): New Mastery System Available

Dragon's Prophet

The fantasy MMO Dragon’s Prophet is about to undertake the biggest change in its history. The Mastery system, one of the core gameplay mechanics, has been dramatically improved. Players will now be able to customize their characters battle efficiency to unprecedented levels. Secondly, the starter areas have been altered to offer a more immersive experience for new heroes, as well as provide more insights into the different aspects of the game. Finally, an update of the treasure hunt system has been added to the game, offering significant rewards to the most assiduous adventurers out there.

The new Mastery tree is built around the different weapons available to the classes, and each weapon category will be associated with a specific role: Healer, Tank, or Damage Dealer. Introducing dozens of new skills and deeper role enhancements, the new Mastery system will allow players to better define their performance on the battlefield. Heroes will now be able to invest in more specific areas of expertise, allowing for greater efficiency. From level 60 on, adventurers will also be able to pledge allegiance to a Dragon God, which will grant them tremendously powerful new skills.

New cutscenes and hints have been added to the starter experience to provide a deeper understanding of the core gameplay mechanics. The starting city of Puretia also received a special treatment in the form of exciting new quests. In the city of Arteicia an intriguing new curiosity shop has been opened. The store will provide players with hints pointing to specific locations where precious treasures have been hidden for centuries. Let the hunt begin, dragon riders!

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