Dragoon Quest Closed Beta Start on July 15th

Dragoon Quest closed beta starts on July 15th, hero introduction


Dragoon Quest online, the first and only java based browser SLG is entering closed beta on July 15th. Publisher 2NDMMO will start game registration on July 13th, the game registration will be closed when the register reaches 2000. The closed beta mainly focuses on game bug testing and localization adjustment. User data will be erased after the beta.


Hero system is a big feature for Dragoon Quest. Player need the hero to lead the troops to attack, ambush, defend city, do quests, explore game world etc. Heroes can forge equipments, learn skills and refresh talent to become stronger. One big difference from Dragoon Quest to other games is that player can see the heroes moving on the map or casting skill in the battle.


Each race has four heroes that can be recruited from the tavern. Each hero has different talent and is specialize in different skills. Heroes play an important role in battle; they sometimes will decide whether you can win.

– The Elf Race has four heroes: Wanderer, Militarist, Berserker and Moon Priestess
– The Human Race has four heroes: Assassin, Temple Guardian, Paladin and Palace Mage
– The Orc Race has four heroes: Warlock, Troll Warrior, Blademaster and Picara


The closed beta will only allow 2000 account registration. Please pay attention to the official website of Dragoon Quest.  


Dragoon Quest Map

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