Drakensang Announces Norlande Expansion in Time for Christmas

Drakensang Announces Norlande Expansion in time for Christmas



Earlier today Big Point announced a massive content update coming to its hit fantasy dungeon explorer, Drakensang Online. This update will feature a massive new map, new class, and the promise of even greater customization.



The Norlande expansion will take players through dozens of new maps, each filled with new quests to tackle some of the strongest bosses and legions of enemies players have seen. Of course with great bosses you can be sure of new equipment to deck out your character in celebration of your victories.



The Ranger class will also be released. The rangers are agile ranged fighters that pack a powerful punch. Along with the rangers though will be a new skill system for all classes which should make quickly using the skill you want to easier, improving gameplay overall.



In addition to the promise of the Norlande expansion, Big Point announced that they will be doubling the number of available skills for each class in the coming months. This will coincide with the release of end-game skill trees to provide veteran players the chance to individualize their character’s play style.

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