Dual Guild War Time System Is Coming!

After a successful campaign testing the ‘Dual Guild War Time’ we have concluded that this system is both accommodating and more accessible for our players located throughout the world. We want to give special thanks to ‘Gem World Group’ for allowing us to test this new system with their team.

As of Saturday the 19th we will be changing the duel guild war time to 7am -13:00pm Sunday (PDT). The subsequent week the time will revert back to its original time slot Friday 25th at 14:00 – Saturday 26th 20:00 (PDT).

The duel guild war time slot will alternate each week according to this new schedule. We hope this change will accommodate our diverse playership and the multiple time zones in which they live.

Next week: 7:00 am Sat- 13:00 Sun (PDT)
2 Weeks Later: 14:00 am Fri- 20:00 Sat (PDT)
Three Weeks later: 7:00 am Sat- 13:00 Sun (PDT)
Four Weeks later: 14:00 am Fri- 20:00 Sat (PDT)
and so on.

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