Dungeon Fighter Online Act XII Set for Wednesday Launch

Dungeon Fighter Online Act XII: New Blood Coming on Wednesday



Three new dungeons are opening up their doors in Dungeon Fighter Online, the side-scrolling MMO brawler from Nexon, along with a monster metamorphosis event. The update, dubbed Act XII: New Blood, is due on August 24th.


Dungeon Fighters will soon be able to traverse all new areas opening up in Hill Vale and Antwer Canyon. Southern Dale, which will be open to players of all skill levels, will introduce Bahol Callow, a new NPC that used to be the most respected commander of the de Ios Empire.  Along with Callow’s guidance, dungeon fighters will battle through Southern Dale to face its three Boss Monsters, Bogut the Giant, Warlock Firan and York the Nightmare.



It is here in Southern Dale that players will be able to participate in the Metamorphosis event. By picking up Cryptid Elements and participating in specific quests, players can morph into one of several monsters for 90 seconds, including a Goblin Shooter, Dorniar RTX-1 and Mecha Tau.


Players level 59 and above will face new enemies in the North Ghent Gate and Ghent Battlefield dungeons. Players will need to band together in an effort to defeat Field Commander Babylon, the mechanically adept commander of the Kartel Army in Empyrean, and Machine-Arm Warjack, a feared and diabolical general – part man, part machine.



Additionally, the new update will introduce changes to DFO’s Guild system with an updated UI, guild level expansion and other new functions. Players will soon be able to apply to the guild of their choice, and the Guild Master – along with his or her designees – can pick and choose which Dungeon Fighter to invite among their ranks. Furthermore, new guild functions such as the “Featured Guild Member” will grant more benefits for guild members when they party up. The max guild level will also be raised from 10 to 17, meaning more stat and EXP boosts will be generously awarded.  A Guild Safe will also be introduced, wherein a portion of the communally amassed gold will be deposited for future guild-related actions, such as leveling up. Finally, bonus EXP will be awarded to guilds who promote stellar attendance and dungeon participation.


Act XII: New Blood will feature the Friend Referral System, which awards unique prizes for those who recruit new friends into the world of Dungeon Fighter Online. Both the Dungeon Fighter Recruiter and their friends will benefit from the system with HP and MP multipliers, valuable items and more.


Be sure to check out the Teaser Trailer and Screenshots for this patch.

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