Dungeon Fighter Online Act XIII Launches Wednesday

Dungeon Fighter Online Act XIII Goes Live Wednesday



The Altar of Infinity will be opening up its gates in Arad this month during the Act XIII: Chaos Reigns Update in Dungeon Fighter Online. Nexon’s arcade-style massively multiplayer online game will receive the Act XIII update on September 28.



Players levels 30-70 will soon be able to explore the Altar of Infinity, which is Reaper Dreyfus’ third structure in the Valley of Fallen Souls. While the new dungeon may be familiar to players who have battled through the Tower of the Dead and the Tower of Illusion, at the Altar of Infinity players will face 15 rounds of deranged beasts to test their body and spirit. Once players fight through the Altar they will ultimately face boss monster Chaos Agares. Any Dungeon Fighter who challenges the Altar of Infinity will have the chance to be selected by Chaos Agares to become the Chosen One, a title that will be bestowed upon the anointed ones each Friday at  5 pm PT.


The Act XIII update will also feature a mentorship system which allows players to be both a Mentor (a high level character) and an Apprentice (a lower level character). By forming an Alliance, players can help each other’s characters level up by battling through dungeons together as party-playing will grant both an EXP and gold bonus. A Mentor can have up to nine Apprentices under them, and after reaching the Alliance level ten, the Mentor and the Apprentice will receive rewards even when they are not party-playing with each other.



Dungeon Fighters will also be able to experience even more power with the 2nd Chronicle Sets, which are exceptional items that can be acquired through specific quests, NPC Dorothy and from dungeons run on King’s Road. Each character class will have an enhanced new set of items giving them the edge against evil and other Dungeon Fighters.

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