Dungeons and Dragons Expands, Rebalances Casters

DDO Update 9: New Quests and Rebalancing


Dungeon and Dragons Update 9 casts a light on a gruesome and twisted neighborhood of Stormreach! The Harbinger of Madness Adventure Pack commands you to gather evidence and uncover the sinister mastermind behind the disappearance of the Saltire District townspeople. This will take players down a twisted rabbit hole of detective work culminating in a gallery of human flesh and unholy cultists.


Dungeons and Dragons Update


Beyond the content expansion, Turbine has also put some focus into revamping their crafting system while giving players greater freedom over the user interface and armor effects. Minor tweaks have been made else where such as new attack animations and additional Prestige Enchancement lines.



But while some games would consider this enough, Dungeons and Dragons took it a step further and reworked spell points to give caster classes much needed viability for early game. They also improved endgame content by adding epic difficulty dungeons to test and reward the players that can take the fight to the toughest monsters DDO has to offer.



Now is a great time to check out all that is happening in the DDO Universe.

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