Dynasty Feud’s “The Night Party” DLC Debuts Today on Steam

The fast-paced multiplayer brawler Dynasty Feud is welcoming a brand-new dynasty today: The Night Party. Get ready for an entirely new cast of characters, new weapons – and ever more ludicrous special attacks. May the mightiest dynasty win!

The Night Party DLC introduces a colorful cast of characters who met at a midnight rave party. Like most outcasts, they’ve been misunderstood by society – and instead of remaining forever alone, they decide to band together:

Dynasty Feud David

David N. “The Werewolf”

  • Since he’s unable to control his beastly transformation, timing is of the essence when using him in battle.
  • In human form, he’s a slow and below average melee fighter; in wolf form, he’s fast, deadly, and mobile.


Dynasty Feud Donald

Donald “The Duke”

  • Donald is one of the best melee fighters in Dynasty Feud; he’s lightning fast and has good reach.
  • When struck, Donald turns into a bat with the ability to fly away and live to fight another day.


Dynasty Feud Mr T

Mr. T “The Pharaoh”

  • T’s initial sarcophagus form is cumbersome – making him an easy target … but it can occasionally prove effective in battle.
  • When out of his sarcophagus, Mr. T. is a versatile long-range fighter with good mobility.


Dynasty Feud Jekyll

Jekyll “The Grad Student”

  • In his ordinary grad student form, Jekyll can use a limited number of potions that allow him to play mind tricks on his opponents.
  • When transformed, Jekyll is a mighty melee fighter who can also go berserk.


Dynasty Feud Zack

Zack “The Zombie”

  • Zack can easily surprise his opponent by detaching and throwing his own head (!)
  • While his body is headless, Zack is incapable of moving but can withstand any attacks; his head, however, can still get hit – so beware of headshots.
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