Earth Eternal Winter Dawning Festival

Earth Eternal Winter Dawning Festival
Tis’ the Season so they say and the Beasts of Earth Eternal are getting into the Holiday spirit! The Winter Dawning Festival is here, an annual winter holiday with plenty of gift giving, sharing, and evil snowmen!

Holiday Features:

Undertake an epic quest to save Winterfest from the treacherous Grindle! (Not everyone is in the holiday mood….. stories are told to the young of a terrible creature named Grindle who sneaks into the houses of young Beasts to steal their precious Winterfest gifts.)

Suddenly Chill lords are Everywhere


Collect a free Holiday weapon, available only during Winterfest! Ring in the New Year by destroying your foes with candy cane weapons!
Chill Lords and Chillkin are popping up around Earth.  These creatures drop snowballs and corn cob cipes. Corn cob pipes can be redeemed for awesome Winterfest gifts, while snowballs can be thrown at other players!

Catch the Chillkin


A majestic Winterfest holiday suit (image attached) is available for a limited time only in the Earth Eternal credit shop!
Winter Holiday Suit
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