Eclipse War Online launches Closed Beta on February 25th


Playwith Interactive, publishers R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud & Seal Online, are almost ready release their latest title, Eclipse War Online, into closed beta on Febrary 25th. Players will be able to join others for a 2 week closed beta test and preview all the following groundbreaking features:

  • Character Transformations: All beasts and monsters in Eclipse War can drop a special Transformation Card, allowing your character to take their physical form. Each card has unique stats and 4 additional skills! Over 700 cards to collect!
  • Exciting New PvP: Eclipse War offers an exciting 3 Lane AOS mode complete with towers and minions, Arena mode, and more!
  • A living World: Every species has a natural prey or predator that changes how combat plays out. The time of day and geographic location will also play an important role in gameplay.

To participate in the closed beta, simply sign up here at:

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  • Cornelius T. Walker

    The character transformation and 3 lane AOS type of PVP are quite interesting. Those are new to my taste so I’ll give it a try.