Ecol Tactics Online Announced by GamesCampus

Ecol Tactics Online Announced by GamesCampus


Leading online game publisher GamesCampus today announced their first browser title, Ecol Tactics Online!  A turn-based browser strategy game, Ecol takes its inspiration from hallmark tactical roleplaying games with a depth of story and customization not found in typical browser games.


“The first thing players will notice is the retro style of graphics; the game is designed around pixel art on beautiful backdrops,” said Elliott Coward, Producer for Ecol Tactics Online.  “From there players will dive straight into their own story of mercenaries, where the intrigue of the kingdom is thick and the future is foggy at best.”


Ecol Tactics Online is a full tactical MMORPG experience, right in your browser – no downloads required!  No staring at spreadsheets or watching a stamina cool down renew; play the game at your pace!  With an epic storyline that will extend across four different continents with hundreds of side quests and unique events, players will be amazed by how smooth and responsive a browser game can be, all in their existing browser.


There’s plenty more to come from Ecol Tactics Online before the closed beta begins later this month.  Players can watch for more information on the official Facebook at or Twitter at @EcolTactics, including how to get a limited closed beta key from participating media partners.

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