Eden Eternal Announces Update: Templar

Aeria Games Announces October Update: Templar


Aeria Games is expected to release a new content heavy patch for Eden Eternal in early October that will pack features such as the new Templar class, an increase in level cap and customizable player housing.


Player housing is a new feature that will allow players to rent a house from one of the new Innkeeper NPCs and fully decorate their houses with various items they can purchase or earn through quests. Players now have the ability to hold “parties,” which will allow players to visit their homes and earn various status boosts.

Eden Eternal’s level cap will also increase from level 55 to 60 and will give players the ability to change to the new Templar class. The Templar class is the third class under the defensive tier and they possess holy magic, which allows them to either heal or deal holy damage to enemies. The Templar class will be accessible to those at level 60 who have reached level 55 as a Cleric and Knight.    


Also included in the upcoming content patch:

Uncharted Territories: The new content patch has a variety of new areas that are tailored for end-game characters. The Central Continent will include two new level 55 maps named “Decay Swamp” and “Highlands,” which both include 2 dungeons as well. The Southeastern Continent will include two new maps that are called “Cyclone Basin” and “Viper’s Forest.”

Pirate Invasion Event: Pirates will be invading Aven at random times in the day. Players must eliminate all pirates and the almighty One-Eye Roger will appear as the last boss. Participants will be rewarded but the top 4 players that deal the most damage to One-Eye Roger will have statues of their character on display in town until the next invasion.

Partial Enchantments:
This new system will allow players to craft even better items than before. Players will be able to purchase various specialized enchants from a new merchant in Aven.

Alpacas Coins:
Gold and silver Alpaca coins will be available through quests in higher level areas and the coins can be redeemed for various items.


OnRPG’s own DizzyPW and somePlatypus have also been offered an early sneak peak at the new patch. Keep checking in on OnRPG as we should be hopping into their test servers soon!

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