Eden Eternal Launches Newbie Guide Update

Aeria Games Launches Super Newbie Guide for Eden Eternal


Eden Eternal


Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games, has released a brand-new content update for its anime MMORPG Eden Eternal, including intense new battles, daily recommended events, and a suite of features for new players called the “Super Newbie Guide.” The Super Newbie Guide will help new players get acquainted with the game’s mechanics and features as they level up faster than ever before. The combination of features will help new players get into the game faster while giving veteran players new events and vanity items to earn.



The Super Newbie Guide includes the following benefits for beginning players:


Level 1 to 50 Adjustments: EXP and fame obtained from quests are adjusted so players can level up more quickly, and players are less vulnerable to monsters, including Elites.

Teleport: Players can save time by directly teleporting between the beginning village and Tranquil Hill when they reach a certain level or complete a particular quest.

Alpaca Mount: An Alpaca Mount (1 day) will be awarded to players at Lv10/20/26 to increase their speed before they receive a full-time Alpaca at Level 30.

Other Changes: The UI and map display make it easier to find NPCs, quest details, and other key information. Potion cooldowns are reduced, and pet attack power is increased.


Eden Eternal


The Crystal Cross Badge, which players can use to purchase vanity items for their characters, is among the changes for veteran players. Players can obtain badges by participating in territory battles, where badges are distributed based on a player’s fatigue level. Higher fatigue will result in fewer badges, but fatigue is reset to zero with each weekly update; players can start fresh every week.



Daily recommended events, a new addition to the in-game event interface, give players new adventures each day. Players can complete a range of daily events to earn additional EXP, gold, Crystal Badges, and much more—check back every day!

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