Eden Eternal Warrior First Look

Aeria Games Warrior First Look


Aeria Games has released its first teaser information concerning Eden Eternal. In Eden Eternal, players are not limited to just one class per character. Rather, players have the option to freely swap between up to 15 classes (12 will be available during Beta). Today OnRPG has a first look at the warrior branch.


Eden Eternal Warrior Preview


Warrior Class Description

The Warrior is one of the first available classes in the game. Equipped with heavy armor and mighty axes, the warrior’s sole objective is to finish the battle quickly and decisively, and with enough HP left to take on any remaining surprise enemies, if needed.


Eden Eternal Warrior Preview


The Warrior is the first class in the Tanks branch. Warriors are durable, strong and capable dishing out (and receiving) heavy HP damage in combat. The warrior’s chosen weapon is the deadly axe, which adds an attack bonus when equipped.



Prerequisite – Available at Character Creation
Key Traits – Immune to the Fear effect. Heavy Armor capabilities.
Preferred Weapon – Axe (Increase M-ATK and P-ATK when equipped)


Eden Eternal Warrior Preview


Warrior Skills and Weapons

Weapons – Wields one of 7 axes for a physical and magic attack bonus.


Class Skills – The warrior’s class-specific skills are mostly defensive and attack-boosters. Check out the Eden Eternal website for a full description of each skill. Warriors are fearless, heavy-handed fighters. Use Intimidate to frighten nearby enemies and reduce their evasion.


Eden Eternal Warrior Preview


Buffs – Use Titan’s Wall, Metal Bluster and Sense of Survival to boost your warrior’s abilities.


Attacks – The Warrior’s attack skills are Bloody Attack, Angry Punch and Onrush. Use these skills during combat to gain the upper hand on your enemies.


Tanks Branch Skills – Warriors are part of the Tanks branch in Eden Eternal. In addition to their class-specific skills, warriors can use any of the Tanks Branch skills


Also be sure to check out our video first look of Eden Eternal’s Warrior in action.



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