Einherjar Announces Screenshot Contest and Events

Einherjar Announces Screenshot Contest and Events


From the 14th to the 21st of March, KBMJ – the producer of the turn-based tactical webgame
Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood will hold a photo contest on their facebook fanpage at https://www.facebook.com/eneinherjar?sk=app_79458893817.



To enter this contest, players need to upload their best screenshot of Einherjar. 3 players with the highest votes will receive the following gifts:

1st place: 600 Power

2nd place: 300 Power

3rd place: 100 Power

Other participants: 8000 Gold



The event period will end at weekly maintenance time on 21 March, 14:00 (SGT or GMT+8).



Winners will be announced on Einherjar’s website, forum and fanpage after the contest ends and will get their prizes shortly after that.



KBMJ is also launching a promotion to celebrate their partnership with Cherry Credits. From March 14th at 17:00 to March 21st at 14:00 (SGT or GMT+8), players will get 20% more Power when purchasing via Cherry Credits as well as PayPal. Moreover, Cherry Credits will be offering the following bonuses:


3000 Power: Irminsul Branch x 5 + Wootz Ore x 5

5000 Power: Irminsul Branch x 15 + Wootz Ore x 15 + Runic Proof x 1

10000 Power: Irminsul Branch x 40 + Wootz Ore x 40 + Valhalla Proof x 1



And if players’ overall Power purchase during the event is 5000 Power or more, they will get 1 Arrow Ring regardless of their payment via Cherry Credits or PayPal. This item will be given after the maintenance on Wednesday 21st March is completed.

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