Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood Launches Trading Week Event

Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood Launches Trading Week Event



In Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood, a new turn-based web game from KBMJ, players can defeat many enemies and earn a lot of trophies. But certainly looting cannot help them collect all items in the world; therefore, market is a useful place to come. And in order to bring players more comfort and ease in buying and selling goods, the producer has decided to make this week the best time for trading.



From 16 to 23 May (SGT or GMT+8), all of the following will be implemented for exchanging activities at the market.


Silver – gold exchanging rate increased

Food price reduced by 50%

Fee of a successful purchase decreased from 5% to 3%

Limit of items for exhibiting increased from 7 to 10

It is recommended that players make good use of this profitable chance to enrich their Viking realms’ wealth and prosperity.



The Viking’s Blood is a browser-based game combining smooth turn-based tactic and RPG elements that let you start as a Viking leader and strengthen your Viking clan. You must train your army through numerous battles and master tactics for each type of map to subjugate your opponents and forge a vast empire!

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