Einherjar – The Vikings Blood Prepares for Easter Hunt

Einherjar – The Vikings Blood Prepares for Easter Hunt


Spring is in the air and KBMJ, the producer of Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood is preparing a big hunt to collect bunnies and Easter Eggs.



From March 28 to April 11 at 14:00 (SGT or GMT+8), by defeating enemies on expeditions, players will get some items as usual and the chance of rare Easter eggs or Easter bunny drops. The drop rate will be random for all maps.



3 players who have the most pairs of eggs and bunnies at the end of the event will receive the following rewards:

–          1st place: 5 Dwarf Coins + 30000 gold

–          2nd place: 3 Dwarf Coins + 20000 gold

–          3rd place: 1 Dwarf Coin + 10000 gold

–          Other participants: 10000 gold



The result will be based on the amount of egg and bunny pairs, i.e. 10 eggs and 15 bunnies will mean 10 pairs. And you will need at least 3 pairs to qualify for the runner-up prize.



The game’s system will automatically track players’ logs after the event period to determine the winners. The result will be announced on April 11th and the prizes will be distributed after the maintenance on the same day is completed.

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