Eleventy-Seven Morsels

Turbine, Inc. and Codemasters Online today announced the launch of Eleventy-Seven Morsels, the third mini-game on www.unlocktheminesofmoria.com.  Registered participants can challenge themselves and their friends to earn special deeds that unlock unique rewards including exclusive videos, images, and in-game items that will aid them on their journey when The Lord of the Rings Online™: Mines of Moria™ launches this fall.

Based on an ancient board game, Eleventy-Seven Morsels is a Hobbit game, and everyone knows Hobbits like to eat! The game pieces are edible and each time a player starts a move, they suddenly have one less playing piece, conveniently saved for later in the Hobbit’s snack sack. The game is easy to get into and fun to play, but may take time to master.

There are two versions of the game that can be played. A coin flip determines whether the goal is to get the highest number of morsels in your snack sack or in your scoring bin.  Play proceeds as each player takes turns picking up the morsels in one of the pots on their side of the board and distributing the morsels, one at a time, in a clock-wise manner into each of the subsequent pots around the board.  The game ends when either player has nothing but empty pots on their side of the board.  At this time, any morsels remaining on the opponent’s side of the board are placed in the opponent’s snack sack.

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